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OPEN JOIST Appearance Enhanced

Emlenton, PA – May 15, 2020 – Allegheny Structural Components, exclusive manufacturer of OPEN JOIST floor trusses, has announced a manufacturing change to improve the appearance of the OPEN JOIST product. A new color of the structural adhesive used to assemble OPEN JOIST allows Allegheny to produce truss chords with visible glue connections that closely match the natural color of wood.

OPEN JOIST Director of Sales, Dennis Sill, explained: “OPEN JOIST has always won the strength contest but it sometimes wasn’t a winner of the beauty contest. Now it’s a winner in both categories. We took this step to ensure our product will meet all criteria of the most discerning builders in our market.”

For more information about Open Joist and its advantages, go to or contact Director of Sales Dennis Sill at 574-532-6102 or

Open Joist Fire Performance Good News for Builders

Emlenton, PA – November 16, 2016 – Allegheny Structural Components today announced that the fire endurance of Open Joist trusses has been certified as equivalent to the fire endurance of solid 2X10 joists. Certification is confirmed in IAPMO Report ER480.

Open Joist can now replace 2X10’s as floor joists to satisfy the building codes’ “Fire Protection of Floors” (Exception 4) section. In actual practice when constructing floor systems with Open Joist floor trusses, there is no code requirement to install a gypsum or wood membrane on the bottom of floor joists in a first floor over basement application.

“The fact that Open Joist, even without special fire-retardant coating, can perform as well in fire as solid dimension lumber is another tribute to this remarkable product” remarked Brian Ellenberger, President and CEO of Allegheny Structural Components. “Now, builders can take advantage of open-web mechanicals access and a lifetime floor system warranty without suffering extra material and installation costs.”

For more information about Open Joist and its advantages, go to or contact Director of Sales Dennis Sill at 574-532-6102 or

New Open Joist Truss Sizes Available

Emlenton, PA – November 30, 2015 – Allegheny Structural Components, the exclusive manufacturer of Open Joist floor trusses, today announced another enhancement to the Open Joist product line. Two new truss depths…18 inch and 20 inch…have been added to the previous size lineup.

Commenting on these new depths, Brian Ellenberger, Owner and CEO of Allegheny, stated “we recognized an industry need for deeper truss depths so that architects and designers could accomodate popular fire endurance assemblies when designing buildings.

These new additions bring the total number of available Open Joist truss depths to six: 9-1/4”, 11-7/8”, 14”, 16”, 18” and 20”. The new depths will be available for projects coming out of the ground after February 1, 2016.

Dennis Sill, Director of Sales for Allegheny Structural Components, reports that project managers have requested 18 and 20 inch depths for several years. “We have made the commitment to produce these new depths so that Open Joist is now a perfect fit for any construction situation”.

New OPEN JOIST HD Heavy Duty Truss Introduced

Emlenton, PA – September 10, 2015 – Off-site systems home builders have a new tool to help them produce houses with floor systems superior to those of their competitors. A new Open Joist HD 9-1/4” floor truss line introduced by Allegheny Structural Components of Emlenton, PA gives modular home manufacturers new options for floor framing.

“We developed Open Joist HD so that systems builders could enjoy new strategies for floor framing. They can use this product at standard spacing and produce the best performing floor systems possible or widen the spacing and still offer code compliant floors at reduced cost” says Brian Ellenberger, Owner and CEO of Allegheny Structural Components.

Open Joist HD trusses feature the same advantages as regular Open Joist trusses. “In addition to superior strength, Open Joist HD produces a floor with a lifetime guarantee and maximum options for installation of plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems” says Dennis Sill, Director of Sales.

Sill works closely with the engineering staffs of modular companies to ensure that Open Joist HD will fulfill the needs for superior floor performance and maximum homeowner satisfaction.

Allegheny Structural Components is the sole U.S. manufacturer of Open Joist floor trusses. The company’s staff has assisted systems builders in using Open Joist trusses successfully since 1996.