Features and Benefits


Open Joistâ„¢ is a revolutionary, open-web, wood floor truss engineered with superior strength and load-carrying capabilities. To learn about the benefits of using Open Joist, please view the features and benefits below.

Floor Truss Engineering

Open Joist's superior strength and load-carrying capabilities make it ideal for longer joist spans or wider joist spacing. Long-span capabilities can eliminate the need for intermediate bearings and thus reduce framing costs. Wider on-center spacing capabilities mean fewer joists and thus reduce framing costs.

Open Web Configuration

Open Joist's open-web configuration allows for easier and faster mechanical systems installation (plumbing, electrical, HVAC). Mechanical systems install within the floor's framing rather than hanging below. Through-web access can eliminate the added expenses of an extra-deep foundation. The configuration allows for minimal movement and shrinkage after installation. Through-web access eliminates the potential dangers posed by drilling or cutting holes in solid joists.

Environmental Conservation

Open Joist is eco-friendly! Manufactured from high-quality, "mature-growth" trees of a fast-growing species from managed forestland, Open Joist is made from a renewable resource. Our manufacturing process consumes significantly less energy than steel plate manufacturing processes. It uses only the amount of wood fiber required by the structure of the truss, so you can do more with less.

Trimmable Trusses

Trimmable trusses let you cut the exact length dimensions needed for framing. Trimmable trusses make field adjustments easy, so you can compensate for dimension changes, out-of-square foundations, etc.

Finger Joinery Assembly and Waterproof Structural Glue

"Welded" wood connections are stronger and more resilient than plated connections, because large surfaces are glued within small areas. The glue used is a phenol resorcinol adhesive that is heat and fire resistant. Finger-joint technology provides truss strength and saves cost by using minimal wood fiber. Trimmable trusses don't have sharp-edged steel plates, which make trusses heavy, costly and hazardous to framers.

In Stock Product

Because Open Joist is a "stock" product that can be trimmed to fit on the job site, turnaround time for floor truss orders is counted in days rather than weeks. And, damaged or miss-ordered trusses can be replaced immediately. Truss engineering has already been completed so shop drawings can be sealed faster and certified repair details already exist for most common situations.

Six Depths

Open Joist's design affords the most cost-effective depths, which are versatile to each floor design. Open Joist comes in depths that are appropriate for all wood-frame construction projects. For remodeling projects, the range of depths available make it easier to accommodate building height restrictions and to match existing framing. Open-web floor trusses are available in depths under 12" for greater versatility.

Wide Top and Bottom Chords

Top and bottom chords provide larger surface for adhesives and fasteners for sub-floor installation. They prevent fastener "misses" and provide a larger adhesive coverage area to ensure a quieter floor. And they create "stiffer" floors by reducing the span of sub-floor material.

Stocked in One-Foot Increments

Smaller increments reduce excess material and the costs incurred by typical two-foot increments. Maximum per-piece cut offs are reduced to 11" from 23", thereby reducing job site waste.

Installs like Dimension Lumber

Open Joist is lightweight and easy to install and doesn't require structural rim. Open Joist requires a minimum bearing of only 1-1/2", thereby allowing butt joints over 2x4 intermediate bearing walls. Its simple-span engineering and the elimination of blocking at intermediate bearings lower the cost per lineal foot and reduce overall job costs. Open Joist is more "framer-user-friendly" than other engineered joists.

Individually Tested Trusses

Open Joist's trusses are performance-tested to bear more than twice their design load. These are the only individually tested trusses available on the market today, so product quality is gauranteed. Individual testing ensures defect-free trusses.

Lifetime Guarantee

Open Joist offers builders and homeowners peace of mind with a lifetime warranty.

Accepted by IBC and IRC

Open Joist is accepted for use by the U.S. building codes.